North Carolina Mortgage Fraud Conviction


Another realtor has plead guilty to mortgage fraud. The case is out of North Carolina and is just the beginning of what many government officials are calling a nationwide investigation into real estate investments. Gregory Rankin plead guilty to a mortgage fraud scheme that is said to have been related to over $15 million in loans and 270 properties in Mecklenburg County. Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina and as such will be the most investigated city for mortgage fraud in the Carolinas. Rankin was realtor agent for the Charlotte company Realty Solutions. Lawyer office in US. There are 5 other defendants on the indictment as co-conspirators to counts of mail, bank and wire fraud. Based on the amount of money and the amount of properties involved, each defendant, including Rankin is facing prison time under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

Rankin is charged with being involved in 4 mortgage fraud schemes that defrauded the lenders. In this case the government has alleged a builder kickback scheme. This is when the builder gives back a portion of the purchase price to the buyer or the real estate agent or real estate broker.

Rankin has agreed to cooperate with the government. This will mean he is the so called "flip" for this case. He will now prepare to be debriefed by the government. He will give up all his co-defendants and anyone else in order to reduce his prison time exposure. The government will request the judge to reduce Rankin's prison term based upon his cooperation. If Rankin can give enough information and testify for the government, he may well get out of serving any prison time.


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